• Serge Normant Biography
  • How To: Meta Form
    Sculpting Pomade
  • How To: Meta Lush Volumizer
  • How To: Meta Revive Dry
    Shampoo and Meta Sheer Dry Oil
    Finishing Spray
  • Avah Eau De Parfum
  • Avah Eau De Parfum:
    Behind the Scenes
  • Beach Hair
  • Big Hair
  • Smooth Straight Hair
  • Pomade
  • Iconic Photo Shoot:
    Behind the Scenes
  • Serge Normant Bio
  • How to:
    Big, wavy hair with Katia from Birchbox
  • The Hair Dame Spotlight:
    Serge Normant
  • Meet Serge Normant
    Allure Insider
  • Serge Normant:
    Mila Kunis Cover
  • How To:
    Create Mila Kunis Cover
  • Allure Insider:
    Styling Sofia Vergara
  • Allure Insider:
    Taylor Swift
  • Allure Insider:
    Blake Lively
  • Allure Insider:
    Recreate Blake's cover
  • Allure Insider:
    Julianne Moore